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The facebook advantage

Small business ? 10, big corporation ? 0: How the little guy finally has a momentary advantage.?

TLDR: Facebook advertising = good, get in now while it?s cheap.?

If you?re a small business and you?re still fighting tooth and nail against the big corporations for advertising or Google ranking space, then you haven?t worked out this trick yet. Probably the best kept secret, that?s not an actual secret ? Facebook advertising.??

?Remember the days when billboards used to be the way to go? You can still buy those billboards, but they cost between $600-$4,000 per month and you’re only accessing a few thousand people. Plus, the biggest issue, those billboards are not targeted towards your?exact?target market, so hundreds of people seeing the billboards – are simply not interested.?

Switch to Facebook advertising and you?ll notice a significant difference. On Facebook you can reach?at least?10,000 individuals, for around $350 a month in advertising spend. It’s so cheap it’s ridiculous. Plus, get this, it?s your actual target market. Every individual you reach has the potential to convert to a customer.?

Here?s the catch though. The reason Facebook advertising is so cheap, is because not enough people are using it. Supply and demand mean Facebook is still trying to get businesses in the front door when it comes to on-boarding.?

We’re just holding out hope that the big corporations who have been advertising the same way for 50 years, won’t notice just how much they can save any time soon. Imagine if they start sinking their 60-million-dollar advertising budgets into the Facebook fight for attention. It means the price of screen time with your potential client will skyrocket and you?ll be back to fighting tooth and nail for somebody, anybody, to notice you.?

We have it on good authority that Facebook advertising costs will be increasing over the next few years, so?do yourself a?favour?and get in while?it’s so bloody cheap.?


We believe small businesses should be let out of the big shadows of corporate giants and allowed its rightful place to bask in the sun. We make it easier for small businesses to put their best foot forward by looking professional to their customers; without the price-tag. You need marketing that actually brings you leads ? we do that.??


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We?d like to invite you to enjoy a beer, wine or soft drink (don?t worry, we?ll buy you top shelf if that?s your flavour) and get to know us. We want to know about your business, or business idea and we will happily run you through the next steps you need. Go ahead and contact others who offer our services, we?ll see you in a month when you realised you should have gone with us all along.

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